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2020 Mothers Day Coloring Page

2019 Mothers Day coloring Page
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Happy Mother’s Day,

Christmas in Hanover friends!

As we continue to see each day change and evolve, we want to give everyone a little Mother’s Day gift!

Our dear friend, Bobbi Becker, has created a coloring page for all of you - children & adults - to color for MOM!
There isn’t any contest or prizes.
We’d just like you to take a photo of your completed page.
Then send it in a message to the “Christmas in Hanover” Facebook page and we will post it for everyone
to see and enjoy!
Bobbi has designed the past 2 Christmas in Hanover coloring contest pages. And she will be doing so again for the 2020 Christmas season.

We can’t thank her enough for her talent and kindness!

Enjoy our newest coloring page!
Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th!

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