Hanover PA Santa Cabin


Yes, it’s that time!
The Christmas in Hanover committee is actively looking for a tree, but just not any tree!
We are beginning our search for the 2022 HANOVER CHRISTMAS TREE!
This is THE tree placed in Downtown Hanover, for all to view throughout the Christmas Season!
Do you have a tree for everyone to enjoy, for families to take photos in front of, and for the thousands of visitors that travel through Center Square to admire?
The past 3 years, we have had amazingly beautiful trees donated by local residents!
Will your tree make it 4 in a row?
How awesome would it be for you to say, "Hey! That's our tree!"
We have the tree requirements listed below as for what we are looking for in a tree.
If you think you may have one for us to look at, send a message to this page, and we will be in touch!
Share with your friends!
And if we don't choose yours, please know that we are very grateful for your offer to donate!

Looking for:
A 25 - 30 foot tree (due to new location, we can accept a bit larger tree now!)
A healthy and full tree - with minimal "holes" in the main body
EASY accessibility for removal/trucks
Mid-November removal
Located close to Center Square/in Hanover - it needs to travel easily, the large tree size makes the trip very tricky. So if you are thinking of removing or trimming the perfect tree from your property, get in touch with us!

A note from Santa, Christmas 2021

As we close out the 85th Anniversary of Santa’s cabin, I would like to share that it was another great season! Around 2,300 children visited with me this year. From as young as five days old, the tradition continues.

It is so great to see the generations of families, all the smiling faces and an occasional tear, pour out their wishes. This year, I had visitors from as far as Hawaii and Brazil. An 88 year old man and his daughter stopped by the other evening. And he reminisced about how he would walk to the cabin as a young child, to see Santa and tell him his wishes. He enjoyed our chat, as he looked around inside, admiring the pictures of earlier years.

A special thanks to all the Hanover Borough employees, Police and Fire departments for their assistance. Also, the 4 local service groups and all the volunteers who helped decorate and make it happen. I heard so many compliments about how nice everything looked this year!
It is so wonderful to see the Hanover community come together during the Christmas season.

Although things were a little different this year, everyone was able to visit. The parade was great, and I enjoyed my one horse open sleigh ride. Also, with the help of the Hanover fire department, they were able to deliver me to the cabin on Saturdays.
In closing, I love to see the magic of this cabin, the generations of families and all the memories being made by everyone passing thru the doors of Santa’s cabin.
May all your wishes come true…