Hanover PA Santa Cabin



2017 Hanover Christmas Tree Facts

 Donated by Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Rapp and family, Hanover PA.

The tree is a Douglas Fir variety.

Hanover High School students assisted in the loading and placement.

It is approximately 25 years old. It was started by their daughter, during the once popular seedling program at Washington Elementary school. It was moved once within the yard as it grew larger, to it's final location on the corner of their property.

The tree was 27 feet tall, with roughly 3 feet cut off for placement. The previous 2 years, the trees were roughly16-18 feet in height.

Carl & Brenda Grubb - C & B Collectibles for tree transportation

Hanover Concrete Co. supplied the crane to lower the tree onto the quadrant.

Finch Services provided the scissor lift to assist in placement and for decorating.

2017 Hanover PA Christmas Tree Video

You know Christmas is right around the corner when the tree arrives in Hanover’s Center Square.
Video's courtesy of the Evening Sun